Air Jordans I

The Air Jordan I is the first generation of Air Jordan basketball shoes that subject to Nike company. They are initially released for the prospective professional NBA basketball player Michael Jordan in 1985.After that,Nike put forward a new design of Air Jordan each year continuously even after Michael Jordan retired from basketball association and truned to baseball field.Later,the design Air Jordan I was improved to a classic retro design- the Nike Dunk.

The Air Jordans I were initial designed by Peter Moore and was considered one of the innovation in basketball shoe design and a great breakthrough towards basketball traditional uniform rule,which open the door to the multi-elements basketball shoes.he most outstanding design of the Air Jordan I was its red and black colorways that attracted great attention and became the selling point of this shoes.Although the league placed strict limitation to the basketball shoes to white,Michael Jordan still wear this creative shoes and arouse warm welcome to peole.After that,more and more company stimulate this design,and NBA basketball shoes style were changed to varity.And our site can offer other Cheap Real Air Jordans On Sale.