Air Jordans IV

Air Jordan brand basketball shoes is the most successful basketball shoes around the world,every series of its shoes have been writen into the history and become a classic to people.While,nothing comes perfect at their first appearance,including Air Jordan.If we describe that the initial Air Jordan series just focus on their appearance,then,the Air Jordan 4 seies is the first series that trun to its construction design.

The Air Jordans 4 was designed by Tinkle Hatfield and put to published in 1988.With the creative design and innovatived cushioning sole,this Air Jordan 4 entered into the globel market successfully and become a bestseller.This Air Jordan 4 is the first version that have "Flight" signature on the appearance among the other Air Jordan series,the creatively net design on the appearance was set to lighten the weight and offered a breathable environment to foot.The back heel was designed with an Air -Sole cushioning that provide a good shocked reduction effection.The triangle-shape plastic in the ankle was link to the lace,providing more support to the shoe.All thses particular designs maybe just a small innovation to Air Jordan 4,but it is a great revolution to basketball shoes that put forward the development of the whole industry.Other Cheap Real Air Jordans On Sale are also supplied here with original jordan box package.