Air Jordans IX

To certain degree,the baseball field is the real begining of Michael Jordan's conquer process.The Air Jordans IX was released durning this period that accompy him to overcome the world together. Although Michael Jordan have just retired from the basketball field,his dream of pursuing a professional baseball player which have been long admire is just start.Although it seems like it is a tough work for overcross the great achievement in the Olympic Games he had ever abtained,it still can not stop Michael Jordan to be a remarkable person around the world in the1994,and he improved his commercial incomes together with his lagecy position to a higher level.

With the help of the great artist Mark Smith,Air Jordan 9 make Jordan world famous, and with the appearance of Michael Jordan in basketball field,the basketball has also became a global activity. The upper of the Air Jordan 9 is simple while smooth,and the main colorway of its initial released version is white/black/red.While,the most outstanding feature was its detail design in the shoes,and the "earth" symbol that full reflected its idea.While it didn't have much improvement in functional aspects,it was still a shoes that made of newly tooth-shape construction in the midsole,providing a more solid function of the shoes,and even Hatfield have show great favored to this shoes.Because this version was released durning Jordan's retirement,so this is the first and only Jordan shoes that Michael haven't wore for a baketball game.Although the publication of Air Jordan 9 are much lesser than any other version,and it even out of the "most favorite Jordan shoes"ranking list,its trial shot of this brand have gain a lot long-term profit than ever expected and people still greatly support and pay attention to Michael Jordan no matter whether his is in basketball court or not.And other cheap real jordans retro 9 are also available. You can also pick up ohter cheap real air jordans on sale,all shoes are brand new condition and original package.