Air Jordans VII

In 1992,Michael Jordan was a member of the US Men's Basketball Team,which was known as the "Dream Team" to compete at the Barcelona Olympics,and Air Jordan 7 was put forwarded durning this period.The designer,Tinker Hatfield took inspiration from the Africa tribal culture to create this remarkable shoes and placed Michael Jordan's Olympic jersey number 9 in the shoe instead of the previous 23.This is a version of shoes that combined retro elements together with fashion factors,and its excellent material,exquisite craftship and novel style that are satisfactory.

Altough the feature of this version have some similarties with the previous ones,there is no doubt that Air Jordans VII got a very excellent appearance,almost between retro to modern style,especially the OG version with glorous colorways and the particular "9" on the back heel which makes it outstanding. It also bravely brough the latest advanced Huarache technology in the shoes design that really stuck to our feet and leave out the traditional air sole,Nike Air logo.While,there exsit a shortcut is its insole that only stretched to the ankle area,and the seem-like high heel appearance design was actually just a thin leather that almost can not provide any protect to the ankle.This Air Jordan VII model was also known as the "Hares" because the commercials promoting the shoe featured the cartoon character Bugs Bunny,and it was a continuous retroed latest.And we can supply other Cheap Real Air Jordans On Sale with original jordan box package.