Air Jordans VIII

The particular Air Jordans VIII was released in 1992/1993 at the time when Chicago Bulls achieved their third NBA title,and it arouce more attention than another version from people because Jordan announced to retired from the basketball team suddenly after a three-consecutives.

As the customerized shoes that specilized for Michael Jordan,Nike company applied the latest technology to the shoe by adding its thickness and hardness that provided a good protection to ankle,and adding the corssover straps on each shoe and a furry Jumpman logo which make it distinguished and enhance its stability.The Air sole technology was also applied into the shoe that offered protection to the cushioning.and there still exist a breakthrough in its detail design that it left some space in its middle portation,this design makes only former portation to be touch on court which has a reduction in weight to certain degree.The ending of the first glorous achievement is the another begining of the second one.While Michael Jordan have left the basketball square,the Original Air Jordans 8 is the link between people and he.And we offer other cheap real air jordans on sale with brand new condition and original package.