Air Jordans XIV

Malong,and bring the ball to the front court,speed up,change direction,and then jumpped up,shotted the ball,ball in!The camera framing in the despair impression of the Juses,time framing in the final 5.2 seconds,history framing in this NBA huge star...Numberous of audience witnessed this exciting moment,and Air Jordans XIV,the first shoes that firstly wore in this Finals also witnessed this critical moment.The Air Jordan 14,which was inspired by Michael Jordan's favorite car--Ferrari 550M,designed by Tinker Hatfield and released durning 1998/1999.The particular design of the shoe will certainly make us link this shoe to "Air Jordan"'s favorite car:race car liked stitching,seven Jumpman logo in a Ferrari-like shield,tire patten back heel design and the apart from the outlook appearance,it is the free performance that concide with the car a lot.This is also the first shoes version that Nike company applied metal tips to the lace that makes it seems great.The inner part of the ankle used thick sponge material provided a comfortable feeling,and there has a special design of the ankle on the shoe ,the inside part is higher than the outside,the higher portion provide protect injury from spraining,and the lower part not only can reduce the materisl use,also lighten can lighten the weight.After that excellent performance,Michael Jordan retired from the basketball court again.His retirement of the court left a lot of regret to peole,the only comfort to people maybe this Air Jordan 14.And you can also buy other cheap real air jordans on sale.